Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summers textbook awnsers

(textbook answers 3, 7, 11, 13)

For number three i got:

I think that Shindi meant that if the part that your not counting in the percentage is shaded it would be easier to figure out the percentage.

Here are my guesses to the ones i think are easier with coloring in the non percentage part.

1. 60%

2. 10%

3. 20%

Those are some examples of ones that would be easier to read if the other part was highlighted.

For number seven i got:

A)attendance- 3.2%

B) Singapore cat:Siberian tiger-0.13%

C) Yukon river: Frasier river-230%

For eleven i got:

1) Alberta-113%

2) Saskatchewan-100%

For number thirteen i got:

A) To convert 1/3 to a fraction the equation would be 1 divided by 3=0.3333333333333.
1/3 can be shown on a hundred chart by dividing one square into three pieces and coloring in one.

B) Sometimes repeating decimals are harder to show on a hundred chart because you have to convert it.

Sorry about the video it wouldn't load.


  1. Good job Summer! Your post was neat and organized. Some of the the answers you got are different from mine. Next time make sure you double check you spelling because you spelled answers wrong in your title. Also make sure you add labels.

  2. Good job, Summer. Your post was very colourful and had lots of good images. It was also very neat and not hard to read. However, you might want to watch your spelling and some of your answers. That is all.

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  4. Good Job Summer. I like your post, the pictures are colorful. Its better if you highlighted more words not just the word "percentage". And next time use spell and check before you publish it for some errors. Other than that you did a great job.

  5. Good Job! I like how your post showed everything you had to do but there some spelling mistakes. I think next time you should check over your work.

  6. Good job Summer. I enjoyed reading over your post, it had color in your pictures. Maybe next time you should go over your spelling, as Anna also said "percentage" is the way to spell it. Also you should highlight important words in a color that is easy to read. Good work!

  7. Good job Summer! I like how you highlighted the important words. For number 7 a) and b) you should have used to different grids to make it easier to understand. Otherwise, great job!

  8. Nice post Summer! I liked the pictures but next time I think that you should look over your post before you post because some things were not capitalized.