Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breanna`s Pay It Forward

Part 1
A young boy named Trevor McKinney has just started his first year of the seventh grade. Troubled by his mothers alcohol addiction and his father, currently absent, abusive behavore. His teacher Mr.Simonet has just assigned a project: Think of something to change the world and put it into action. Trevor`s thinking is to pay a favor not back, but forward-- repaying good deeds to three new people. Treveor has a great impact not just on his own life and the people around him, but others completely unknown by Trevor.

Part 2

On December 17th Ana, Maya, Hazel, Colleen and Myself went to Polo Park . For the act of kindness I donated toys to a local toy drive for the christmas, sponsered by 102.3 Clear FM and handed out candy canes to the staff at Polo Park. The reason I choose to do this is becuase, I know that I can be very spoiled at times, many times, and I knew that there was kids out there, who dont have all the things I have, and sometimes dont get big extravagant presents like I do. I know that those 4 gifts that I dontated, they will make a childs christmas. The reason I decided to do the candy cane gift is because I know that the people in the stores work so hard and nice to be appreciated around the christmas holiday seeing as its the craziest time of year. We asked them to pay it forward and they were glad too.

Part 3
My act of kindness went pretty good. I felt great to give a child a present to open up on christmas. When I placed the toys onto the huge mountian, the man who worked for Clear FM ask me and my group members if we would like to enter a contest to win a trip to mexico, we told the man " No thank you, we are from Sargent Park and all we are doing is paying it forward". The man told us to follow him and he asked another employee a question. He returned to us and said " You gils will be mentioned on the radio, I like what you are doing, thank you". We replied with a simple "Your welcome, and pay it forward".

My other act of kindness, handing out cany canes was very fun and exiting. Some people rejected the candy cane and said no thank you, but some became ude to us, and were very stubborn, we ask politly if theyd like a candy cane and siad no i have no time for you anoing children. I felt a little upset about that but I realized its christmas time and people are just trying to get home from a long day. Others who said yes to the candy cane listened to the story we told them about our pay it forward project and they were glad to accept the candy cane. We meet three ladies and they all attended Sargent Park. One of the ladies said "I am happy to see there fine school doing an awsome job with there students as it always has been that way". We said "thank you, and remember, pay it forward"

Part 4
Pay it forward is important because one simple action can be the biggest. Its trying to make the world a better place, a safer community. I think my act of kindness will make a difference in someones life.

Dont forget to Pay It Forward!
And have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! (:

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