Monday, December 20, 2010

Ryan's Scribe Post

This scribe post is about 3 questions on pages 142 and 143.

7. Two hundred tickets are being sold for a school draw.
a) What is your chance of winning with one ticket? Express your answer as a percent.
Your chance of winning with one ticket would be 0.5% because lets say 200 tickets is 100 tickets then your chance of winning with one ticket would be 1%.

b) How many tickets would you need to purchase to have a 2.5% chance of winning?
You would but 5 tickets because if 1 ticket is 0.5% then if you buy 4 more it would equal 2.5%

13. Suppose a real estate agent receives 5% commission on the fi rst $200 000 of a house’s selling price, and 6% on the remaining amount.
a) What does commission mean?
Commission means a part of the sale price that the real estate agent would earn.

b) If a house sells for $345 000, how much commission does the real estate agent make on the sale of the house?
The agent would make $18 700 on the house.

16. Josephine scored 12 baskets out of 30 shots in her first basketball game this year. Her scoring average was then 40%. The next game, she made ten shots and raised her scoring average for both games to 50%. How many of the ten shots in the second game were baskets?
Josephine made 8 baskets out of the 10 shots on the second game.


  1. Good job Ryan! I like how you used a different font color to separate the question from the answer. To make this post better, you could have explained how you got your answers.

  2. Good Job Ryan. Like what Jasmin said, I also like how you used different colors. I think you can improve this by adding a picture and explaining how you got the answers. Good Job.