Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breanna`s 3 Questions

Today in math class we got these 3 questions to do. We had to represent them on a raio table and a grid. Here is the work I did to answer them.

Question #1

A serving of ice cream contains 240 calories. One hundred fourty four come from fat. What percent of the total calories come from fat?

Here is what I did:

Simple Sentence: The amount of calories that somes from fat is 60 percent.

Question #2

You just hired a new baker to work for you. In 1 hour he burned 250 cookies. If this represented 21 percent of the days production, how many cookies had you planed on producing today?

Here is how I answered it:

Simple Sentence: The number of cookies you planned on making were 1190.

Question #3

A store that sells snowboards buys them from a manufactuerer for a wholesale price of $57. The store markup is 150 percent. What is the retail price?

Here`s how I answered:

Simple Sentence: The retail price is $85.50.

Also here is a link I found. Check it out!


  1. Good Job Breanna, I like your pictures, the videos and the link. Your post is really colorful. And thank you for posting what you guys did in class today because I missed it. :)
    Good JOb.

  2. Good job Breanna! Your post was very neat and simple. I really liked that you highlighted the important words and that you had pictures.

  3. Good job Breanna! I like how you found 2 videos, and you found a link. i also like how you only changed the color of the font for of important words. keep up the good work!

  4. Good job, Breanna. :) I love your post, and I also love your videos. I also liked your link. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great job Breanna! I like how your post is organized and easy to understand! Nice job on finding a link and 2 videos! Keep it up!

  6. Good work Breanna! I liked how you posted pictures to help with your explanation it made it easer to under stand what we are learning in math.

  7. Nice post Breanna! i like how you drew lots of pictures and it is very easy to understand. Nice work.