Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maya's Pay It Forward

Group members: Me, Ana Lopena, Breanna Machado, Hazel Turdanes, and Colleen Landicho.

Part 1.
Pay It Forward is when you kindly help someone without them doing something in return, but they have to pay it forward to other people. The movie, Pay It Forward was about a boy named Trevor who has an alcoholic mom. His social studies teacher, Mr. Simonet gives his class an assignment to think of how to make the world a better place. Trevor helped 3 people. He first helped a homeless person, then he helped the second person to stop getting bullied. The third task he did was trying to get his mom and Mr. Simonet to date. Sadly, in the end, Trevor dies while trying to save his friend from getting beat up by bullies. He died by getting stabbed with a knife.

Part 2.
My Pay It Forward act of kindess was going to Polo Park and handing out candy canes out to people. We chose this activity because, since it's almost Christmas, it doesn't hurt to give out candy canes to people while they're Christmas shopping and, it's also fun. When we went to Polo Park, we immediantly started handing out candy canes. We did our act of kindness after school, December 17, 2010.

Part 3.
My act of kindess went really well. Once we went there, we all went to donate our toys at a hamper, and that's when people from 102.3 Clear FM talked to us, and mentioned us on the radio. Alot of people were thrilled to be getting a candy cane, but some people refused. At first, I felt really nervous because of rejection, but after a few minutes, it wasn't so bad after all. When we handed our candy canes to people, they were really happy. We asked them to Pay It Forward at the end.

Part 4.
It's important to "Pay it forward" because it can make the world a better place is if it's keep passed on, and it will have a huge impact on amount of people. I hope that, my act of kindness made a difference to them because maybe they're having a bad day, and we made their day by giving them candy canes and being so kind to them.

Remember to Pay It Forward!

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  1. Good job Maya!! It was great that "pay it forward," was mentioned on the radio, so more people take action. Great job "paying it forward."