Monday, December 20, 2010

Ana Lopena's Percent Scribe Post

Choose 3 questions on pages 142 and 143.

4. Use mental math to find the following.

a) 20% of 60

b) 250% of 400

c) 10 1/2% of 100

5. Determine the percent of each number.
Give your answer to the nearest

a) 2/5% of 325
b) 15 1/4% of 950
c) 175% of $125.50
* another way to find the percent of a number is dividing the percent by 100 then multiply the answer with the number*

7. Two hundred tickets are being sold for a
school draw.

a) What is your chance of winning with
one ticket? Express your answer as
a percent.

b) How many tickets would you need
to purchase to have a 2.5% chance
of winning?


  1. Good job Ana! I really liked your post.Iit was very colorful. Make sure your using colors that arent to bright like yellow for example, also only highlight the important words. Other than that good job! (:

  2. Nice job Ana! I like how your post was very colorful, but i suggest you should have used darker colors because sometimes light colors are hard to read. I also wish you could have made your pictures bigger so we don't have to click on the picture to enlarge it. I suggest you should have put a link and/or video. Well, good job for doing your best! (: