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Textbook Volume Post


18)Suki has 30 small linking cubes.

a)She wants to use 18 of them to make a large cube,Is this possible?
Why or not?

b)what number of linking cubes would she use to construct the largest cube she can possibly make?

a)There's no whole number that can be cubed to equal 18,so NO.
b)Suki would have to have 27 more cubes to make 3x3x3 cubed.

19)Melissa has three glass vases,She wants to use one as a decorative fish tank for Harvey the guppy.Which will give Harvey the most water to swim in?

The volume of the cube is 343 cm3
The volume of the rectangular prism is is 360 cm3
The volume of the triangular prism is 367.5 cm3

The guppy will have more water to swim in the triangular prism!

Cylinder and Volume Question's

I solve the problem like this
a) V=pi.r.r.h


c) V=pi.r.r.h



Chapter 2

(+2) x (+3)=+6
(+2) x (-3)= -6
(-2) x (+3)=(+6)
(-2) x (-3)=+6

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John Chua's textbook work : volume pages 259-260 #7,12,14

Formula used:
Area of the base x height
b x h1 x h2= volume

7 x 7 / 2 = 24.5cm squared
24.5cm squared x 12 = 294cm cubed

8.1 x 2.2 / 2 = 8.91m squared
8.91 x 15 = 133.65m cubed

320 x 210 = 33,600mm squared
33,600 x 400 = 13 440 000mm cubed

A) height of prism (cm) = 10
7 x 2 / 2= 7cm squared
70 / 7 = 10cm

B) height of triangle (cm) = 12
1080 / 10= 180cm
180 x 2 = 216cm
216 /18 = 12cm

700 / 5 =140
140 x 2 =280
280 / 14 = 20

volume= 4800cm cubed]
b x h1 x h2= volume
8x 15 / 2= 60cm squared
60cm squared x 80 = 4800cm cubed

Cylinder and Volume Problems

48cm^2 x 10cm= 480cm^3

b)3.14 x 4.1 x 4.1=53cm^2
53cm^2 x 11 = 583cm^3


outside radius 5cm
inside radius 4cm
height 40cm

pi x r x r = area of base

3.14 x 5 x 5 = 78.5cm^2
78.5cm^2 x 40 cm=3,140 <---- Outside Volume 3.14 x 4 x 4 = 50.24^2 50.24cm^2 x 40cm = 2009.6cm^3 <-------- Inside Volume 3140cm^3-2009.6cm^3= 1,130.4cm^3

Math Textbook pages 250-253 #3,7,9,11,15

a) V=Area of Base x h
V= 15cm2 x 4cm
V= 60cm3
b) V=Area of Base x h
V= 18cm2 x 12cm
V= 216cm3
c) V=Area of Base x h
V= 96cm2 x 20cm
V= 1920cm3

7. a) V/Area of Base = h
32cm3/8cm2 = h
4cm = h

b) V/Area of Base = h
35cm3/5cm2 = h
7cm = h

c) V/Area of Base = h
36cm3/9cm2 = h
4cm = h
11. V= area of base x h
V= 10.4cm2 x 9
V= 93.6cm3

15. I'm not sure if I got this question right.
Area of base x h = V
615m2 x 44.5 m = 27367.5m3
425m3 / 27367.5m3 = 0.015529368%
0.015529368 x 100 = 1.5529368%
= 1.6%

Brandon's Text Book Volume Scribe

From the textbook, I had to do pages 260-261 numbers 11,16,17.
Here's what I did.

Copy and complete the following table.
the 700 is supposed to be 1200, sorry for the mistake.

a) So this is what I did. I needed to find the height for the first one so I divided 70 by 7 and I got 10
then I divided 10 by 2 and got 5.

b)For the second one I did the same thing 1080/12 = 90, 90/10 = 9 12x9x10 = 1080

c) 1200/5 = 240, 240/ 15 = 16

16)Cindy’s aquarium stands 75 cm tall and
has a base that measures 1.2 m × 80 cm.
At one point during the initial filling, the
aquarium has a 12-cm depth of water in
it. Cindy needs to fill it to 15 cm from the
top before she adds the fish. Draw a
diagram and label the dimensions of the
aquarium. Determine how much more
water Cindy must add before she puts in
the fish.

v= l.w.h
v=72,000 cm3

17) contractor is excavating a rectangular
hole 10 m × 12 m × 3 m to pour the
foundation for a house. A dump truck
with a capacity of 9 m3 is used to haul
away the excavated soil. How many trips
does the truck need to make?

v= l.w.h
360/9= 40

The truck made 40 trips

Colleen's Volume Scribe

Textbook. Page: 258-259 #4,5,6.

4) Determine the volume of each triangular prism.

5) What is the volume of each rectangular prism?

6)Determine the volume of each cube.

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

area of base x height

r= d/2r
r= 45/2=22.5

a= pi.r^2
a= 3.14 x 22.5 x 22.5
a= 1589.625cm^2

v= 1589.625cm^2 x 90cm
v= 143066.25

One crate will be enough. the volume of the crate is 63m^3 and the volume of the boxes is 50m^3

Homework Book Odds

Pages 80 - 81 Odds

A) S.S.S (SidexSidexSide)
91.1cm3 is the anwser.

B) S.S.S(SidexSidexSide)
343cm3 is ther anwser.



I got a Questions for you. Do you think you can figure this out?

contractor is buying cement for 1000 triangular parking barriers. How much concrete does she need?

If you need help with thi click this!

Math Textbook Pg 250-253 #2,5,8,10

Jennily's Volume Post # 2,5,8,10

No it doesn't matter.
For example look at these two rectangular prism.

V= area of base x height
V= 50cm x 15cm
V= 750cm

V= area of base x height
V= 75cm x 10cm
You see they are both the same.

4cm x 3cm = 12cm
12cm² x 5cm = 60cm³

5cm x 3cm = 15cm
15cm² x 4 = 60cm³

20cm x 6cm = 120cm
120cm² x 8cm = 960cm

8cm x 6cm = 48cm
48cm² x 20 = 960cm³

So, mainly 1cm cube would look like this:
So if you were to make a base of fifteen cm cube it would look something like this:

The top of this layer should be 15cm² so we would use that as our base.

Since the prism is made up of 5 layers of the 15 cm cubes then i will be using that as my height.
V= area of base x height
V= 15cm² x 5cm

Even if the wording is different it's basically just asking for the volume.

V= area of base x height
V= 1250cm² x 100cm
V= 125 000cm³

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

V= π x r x r x h
V= (3.14 x 5 x 5) x 23
78.5cm ^2 x 23
V= 1805.5cm^3

V= π x r x r x h
V= (3.14 x 14 x 14) x 12
615.44cm^2 x 12
V= 7385.28cm^3

V= π x r x r x h
V= (3.14 x 0.5 x 0.5) x 1.5
0.785m^2 x 1.5
V= 1.1775m^3


A) Yes, He has enough small prism. If he uses 4 for the base and 4 for the height he will have enough.
b x h / 2 x h
5.6 x 6.8 / 2 = 19.04m ^2
19.04m^2 x 1.18 = 22.4672m^ 3

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Angelique's Homework Book Volume Scribe

From the homework book, I did questions 4, 6, and 8 on pages 80-81

For number 6, I solved the problems two different ways.

Here is a link that you might want to look at for some help on volume.
Here is a video that helps you learn more about volume.

What is the formula to finding the volume of a rectangular prism?
Create your own poll at

Cylinder Volume and Volume Problems

Summer's Volume Scribe

Mr. Chin bought a box of small building blocks for his four children.
He will give an equal number to each of them. What volume of blocks
will each child get?
V = L x W x H
V = 40 x 20 x 24 = 19200 cm
V = 19200 / 4 = 4800 cm
V = 4800 cm

Each child will get 4800 cm of the brick of building blocks.

How many ways of finding the volume are there?
Cylinder volume and volume problems

first we have to find the radius

d / 2 = r
0.26 / 2 = 0.13
r= 0.13

now we can find the volume

V= (pi x r x r) x h =
V= (3.14 x 0.13 x 0.13) x 2.4 =
V= 0.053066 x 2.4
V= 0.1273584

a) V= (pi x r x r) x h =
V= (3.14 x 25 x 25) x 95=
V= 1.962.5 x 95=
V= 186.437.5

b) 5 x 24 = 120
186.437.5 x 120 =

c) the garbage can should be filled 1* 1/2 cans should be filled every day