Sunday, December 19, 2010

Katerina's Pay It Foward

Pay it forward is when someone does something nice to someone they know or not and not expecting anything in return. All that happens is that when you do something nice and helpful that person can also spread cheer at any time of the year. In the end almost everyone will be either doing something nice for someone or someone will be doing good deeds for you.
My pay it forward or act of kindness is going to buy toys for kids who need it. I choose this because I think that everyone in the world should have Christmas. not just you are me, everyone. I helped kids that are poor and need a Christmas present. Me and Jennily bought toys for kids who needed them, and now because me and Jennily bought toys now a kid who wants a gift will now have one. I did my act of kindness on Sunday,December 12, 2010.

Jennily paid for half of the toys and donated it but sadly isn't in the photo.

Me and jennily's act of kindness went bad at first but in the end it got brighter. Me and Jennily at first were going to donate to the children's hospital but sadly they were closed on weekends. "Bummer". But after that we went to the Christmas Cheer Board. After I took a picture with a very kind man he gave me a note that said " It's people like you who help fill the sack, To bring Christmas cheer to those who lack.. You're now officially Santa's ELF! You've put others first,before yourself. Please accept this sincere "Thanks" ..... For donations given.... and showing that you care, 'Cause it's only with your help that we can " LOVE and SHARE " and " Christmas should happen for EVERYONE ". I felt good that I have helped some in need because everyone in the whole wide world should be able to have Christmas. The person reacted by saying thanks and of course asking what pay it forward means. Yes, I did ask them to pay it forward. There reaction was " what is pay it forward?". I finally told them what pay it forward is and they were amazed by what this school's assignment was, I told them that its not a assignment, it is something that everyone in the world should do.

I think that the idea of pay it forward is important because not everyone in the world are like you and me. Some people don't even have house or food. So in the end I think it is so important for people to have food, and even toys for little kids. I hope my act of kindness bring joy for the child or children who get it.
Don't forget to PAY IT FORWARD !


  1. Good job Katerina! It was to bad that the Children's Hosptal was closed on weekends, but at least the toys will still go to good use. Good job!!

  2. Great job Katerina! I like how you still found a good place for the toys, even though the Children's Hospital was closed. Again, Great job!