Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hazel's Pay it Forward

Part 1
"Pay it Forward" is a movie about an eleven year old boy named Trevor, he comes from a troubled home. At school, Trevor and his class are introduced to Mr. Simonet, the new Social Studies teacher. Mr. Simonet gives the class an assignment: To come up with an idea on how to make the world a better place, then put it into action. This is when Trevor came up with the idea of "Pay it Forward" He would help three people and then ask them to Pay it Forward to three more people, each. So that makes nine and it keeps going and forms a chain. On Trevor's first act of kindness, he brings a homeless man named Jerry into his home and helps him find a job. Next, he tries to set up Mr. Simonet and his mom Arlene. Lastly, he tries to rescue his friend from the bullies at school. He gets stabbed by one of the bullies and dies in the end.

Part 2
To pay it forward my group (Maya, Ana, Colleen, and Breanna) and I donated toys to a local toy drive sponsored by 102.3 clear FM and gave out candy canes. We donated toys because there are some children out there who don't get much for Christmas. Then we walked around Polo Park and handed out candy canes to strangers. That was really fun, and we were pretty good at it too. We did our acts of kindness on Friday, December, 17, 2010.

Part 3
Our acts of kindness went really well. When we donated the toys, a guy from 102.3 clear FM asked us if we wanted to enter a contest to win a trip to Mexico. We told him "No thank you, we are from Sargent Park and all we're doing is Paying it Forward". After that, he told us to follow him and he talked to someone, then he told us " You girls will be mentioned on the radio, I like what you are doing, thank you". We replied with "You're welcome and Pay It Forward". When we were handing out candy canes, we did pretty good. We saw lots of smiles, and made someone's day. There were also some people who didn't want one and people who thought we wanted something in return.

Part 4
The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it teaches people that one person or a simple act of kindness can make a big difference towards making the world a better place.
I really hope that my acts of kindness made a difference.

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  1. Great job Hazel! I really like the act of kindness that you and your group did. You did great on retelling the movie! I like how you highlighted the most important words in your post. I like how you put a video of the "Pay it Forward" trailer. Once again, Great job!