Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sophia's "Pay it Forward"

Part 1
The movie: "Pay it Forward"
The movie Pay it Forward is about a boy named Trevor who has this idea of helping three people after he has helped those three people he will tell them to pay it forward to three more people. Trevor is a kind of boy who believes he can do something even when someone tells him he can't. He helps a homeless person by letting him live in his garage. Soon his mom finds out and freaks out and wants to see Trevor's Social Studies Teacher Mr.S They fall in love but Trevor's dad comes back and everything is screwed up again. Trevor has an interview on Pay it forward and he becomes popular at his school. When Trevor is walking home he finds a gang bullying a little boy. He tries to stop them but he gets a knife stuck in his side and dies.
Later that day at night time people come with candles standing and crying in front of Trevor's house. The homeless person who Trever took care of helped an other person who was going to jump of a bridge. He asked if she wanted a cup of coffee with him, It only takes a little bit to make a difference. I thought it was a really sad and happy movie at the same time. I even cried three times.

Part 2
What was your "Pay It Forward" act of kindness?
My pay it forward act of kindness was going to peoples houses to shovel their front yard then give them a paper bag full of candy canes with a note that said "Pay this act of kindness to forward to others. Paying it forward is when you do something for another person without excepting something back. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
Why did you choose this activity?
I chose this activity because it was my second choice but then I changed it to my first one because I really wanted to make the paper bags.
Who did you help?
I helped my next door neighbour shovel their front and back yard.
What did you do?
I shoveled snow and handed out candy bags.
When did you do this act of kindness?
I did my act of kindness a couple of days before Christmas.
Part 3
How did your act of kindness go?
How did my act of kindness went? It went really bad. I was looking at front yard to front yard on four streets and only got three people. One person wasn't home so I shoveled there yard. The next person looked through the window and the last person answered the door but didn't want his yard shoveled. So a couple of days later it snowed and I didn't have time so I had to shovel my neighbours front and back yard a couple of days later.
How did you feel?
I felt pretty upset so I went down more streets but only got two yards done because I was supposed to be home in 2 hours.
How did the people react?
One person who actually opened the doors reaction wasn't mean but wasn't nice either.
Did you ask the people to "Pay It Forward"?
That was the problem. I was supposed to shovel then give them the candy bag but people said no when I asked to shovel their yards or weren't home so I didn't do that part.
Part 4
Why is the idea of "Pay It Forward" important?
The idea of "Pay It Forward" is important because there are a lot of people suffering and when we do an act of kindness it changes there lives, puts a smile on there face because of you.
Has your act of kindness made a difference?
I don't think my act of kindness made a difference but I tried.
If I had another chance to do this again my goal is to pick a day when it just snowed the night before.


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  2. Good Job Sophia. I think your post is really neat and organized. I also liked how you used red for the questions. It is very easy to read. To improve this post I suggest that next time try to add pictures or a video of you doing an act kindness to other people. Other than that you did a great job. For the label I think its, 2minutes2011, sophia873, payitforward.

  3. Nice job Sophia! I like how you organized your work by changing the font color of the question from the answer. To make this post better, you could have added a video or a few images. But other than that, your act of kindness was very well done.

  4. Good job Sophia! I like how your post was different colors and not just plain. It makes the post fun to read. I really liked how you gave your own opinion and not pretending about it. I suggest though next time to add a picture or a video of you, to what you were doing. Well, great job!