Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emily's Pay it Forward

Part 1:

The pay it forward movie was about a boy named Trevor who had a class assignment of trying to change the world. Trevor never had an easy life. His mother was an alcoholic. Trevor's father would always leave Trevor and his mother and come back whenever it pleased him. Trevor's idea was to "pay it forward." "Pay it forward," is when you preform an act of kindness for someone else and in return, they preform an act of kindness for another person. This boy's idea worked and changed the world forever. But while trying to help a friend who was being physically bullied he was stabbed by one of the bullies and later died.

Part 2:

My pay it forward acts of kindness were to go to the fire station on Sargent Avenue and donate some winter clothes for the "Koats for Kids," organization and bake cookies then drop them off at Calvary Place seniors home. I chose these activities because there are kids who don't have much and they would survive without help from others. I went to the Calvary Place and brought the seniors cookies because there are a lot of seniors that have to stay in those homes and don't get the chance to go out and see everyone. From past experiences I know it always brings a smile to their faces when they see someone cares enough to come and visit them. I helped a kid in need that doesn't have all the necessities in life and I also helped the seniors know their is still people that care about how they are. When I donated clothes to "Koats for Kids," I brought a winter coat, a toque and a pair of gloves to the fire station on Sargent Avenue and the firemen took them and they will give it to a child who needs it. When I went to the seniors home I baked cookies with my mom then brought them to Calvary Place for the seniors to eat. I went to the fire station on Friday, December 17, 2010 and I baked the cookies on Saturday December 18, 2010 then brought them to Calvary place on Sunday December 19, 2010.

Part 3:

My acts of kindness went really well and I hope they both change someone's life in at least one way and I also hope they definitely "Pay it Forward." When I went to the fire station all I had to do was bring the clothes and give them to the firemen and they will later give it to "Koats for Kids." When I went to Calvary Place I gave the cookies to one of the nurses because I was sick and I didn't want to go near any of the elderly people. If I wanted to take a picture with any of the seniors we would have had to fill out some paperwork, so I took a picture with one of the nurses instead. Sadly, I didn't get to see any of the people the clothes or the cookies went to but I hope they enjoy my act of kindness and choose to do something for someone else. Since I knew I would get to see the child/children the clothes went to I attached tags to each piece of clothing I donated that said,"Pay it Forward. Try and do something nice for someone else." For the cookies I also had a piece of paper that said, "Pay it Forward. Try and do something nice for someone else." taped the lid of the tin that the cookies were in. Even though I didn't get to see the people I helped I hope they won't hesitate to help someone else and tell them to also "pay it forward."

Part 4:

I think the idea of "Pay it Forward," is important because just a simple act of kindness can lead on to change the world. Since it is supposed to be a chain reaction it could go on forever and make an impact in many people's lives. I think my acts of kindness have made a difference because there will be at least one less child going cold this winter and the seniors who got the cookies have smiles brought to their faces and know people care.

Merry Christmas and "PAY IT FORWARD!!!!"

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