Saturday, December 18, 2010

SamaraB, Pay it forward

Picture:1United Way,Picture 2 Handing out candy canes ,Picture 3 Donating to koats for kids.
I worked with Krizna N , Olivia T

Part 1

An 11 year old boy named Trevor has a troubled family, an alcoholic mother named Arlene, and his father left them. At Trevor's school he has a new teacher named Mr.Simonet. The teacher gives Trevor's class an assignment to think of a simple way to make the world a safer place. Trevor thinks of pay it forward, he does a favor for 3 people and ask them to do the same to other people. Trevor starts by helping a junkie named Jerry, then he tries to get Arlene and Mr.Simonet dating, and lastly he saves his classmate from bullies. One night a journalist that was stuck with no car, he got a car from a stranger asking him to do a favor for someone else, the journalist was surprised.

Part 2

My "pay it forward" act of kindness was to donate old jackets to Koats for kids of United Way at a Fire Department.Then we bought candy canes and gave them to little kids at he mall at Portage Place.We chose this because we felt bad for the kids on Christmas who don't have a warm jacket to play in the snow,and some kids don't get things on christmas so we wanted to give the kids candy canes.We did this today,Saturday ,December ,18,2010.

Part 3

I thought our act of kindness went pretty good because we did alot in just one day.Well,we did alot of walking in the cold and we took 6 buses back and forth to all the places.I felt really good about what I did today.I really feel good that I did just a little but in a big way.Most of the people react normally saying,"Thank You",and there was this one guy who was following us and asking us for a candy canes and he was about 16 yrs old , which was really weird.We asked everyone to pay it forward but none of them asked what it was.

Part 4

I think the idea."pay it forward " was important because we can help in just a little way but it can do so much for just one person.I thought my act of kindness made a difference because we donated jackets for kids who don't have any of them to play in the snow,and we gave candy to kids in the mall at Portage Place,I thought we did a good job.

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