Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anna G's Pay It Forward

Group Members: Anna Gomez, Jasmin Lacap and Angelique Marcial

Part 1 :
Pay it forward is doing something to other people without them doing something in return but to pay it forward to other people. This project started when we watched a movie called "Pay it Forward." This is about a kid named Trevor, his parents are separated, his mom is alcoholic and his dad left them. Mr. Simonet their social studies teacher gave them an assignment where they have to think of an idea to change the world and put it into action. Trevor chose to help a homeless person, his classmate from getting bullied and he tries to get his social studies teacher and his mom dating. He helped 3 people and ask them to do the same to 3 more people. One day a journalist found out that Trevor is doing a project about paying it forward, and they interviewed him. He shared how he feels about helping other people and how he can make a difference to other peoples life. It was kind of sad because Trevor died after getting stabbed by the bullies for helping his classmate.

Part 2:

Our group chose to help people shovel their sidewalk. We chose this activity because we though it would be fun and this is one way to make other people happy. We helped three strangers and one of them is Angelique's neighbour. We did our act of kindness yesterday December 18, 2010

Video of our Pay It Forward project

Part 3:

Our act of kindness went well. I was really happy that I helped other people without them doing something in return. They were really happy that we shoveled their sidewalks. Before we did our act of kindness we asked them first. We gave them Christmas Cards and candy canes that says pay it forward. One thing that made my day was when one of the house owner said that we cheered her up and she had a big smile on her face. One of them also said that she will be paying it forward. I was also happy that they appreciate the Christmas card we gave them.

Part 4:

Pay it forward is important because you're doing something nice to other people, you're helping them and you're trying to make a difference on their lives. Instead of putting yourself first before others. I am really happy that as a kid I can change the world or change other peoples life. I think we did an awesome job shoveling. I hope in the future, kids like us will do the same thing and will be paying it forward.

No one is too young to make a difference to other peoples life. Even a little thing can change their world and make them happy.

Remember to "PAY IT FORWARD"

Happy Holidays guys!

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