Monday, December 20, 2010

Jennily's Pay it Forward

Group Members: Katerina Ferreira.

Paying it Forward is when you do something nice to someone, then that person passes on the cheer. Paying it forward is something that everyone in the world should do. Hopefully the whole wide world will be doing this and we would be living in cheer.
My pay it forward was gong to the store and buying toys for the Christmas holidays! Me and Katerina choose this because we thought that every kid in the world should have Christmas!
I have done my act of kindness and hope to do it some more. I did this on Sunday, December 12,2012.

When me and Katerina bought the toys we each payed half.
When we started this project it was all going down hill but at the end we were on top. Katerina and I went to the children hospital at first but they were closed so we couldn't donate the toys which was really sad. We didn't know where to go so we went to many place but we couldn't donate toys to anywhere, but after we had gone to the Christmas cheer board. The the man gave me and Katerina this note that said " It's people like you who help fill the sack, to bring Christmas Cheer to those who lack.. You're now officially a Santa's Elf! You've put others first, before yourself. Please accept this sincere "Thanks"For donations given.... and showing that you care, 'Cause it's only with your help that we can " LOVE and SHARE " and " Christmas should happen for EVERYONE ". I felt good that I have helped someone in need because everyone in the whole wide world should be able to have Christmas holiday. Yes, I did ask them to pay it forward. There reaction was " what is pay it forward?"I had told them what pay it forward is and they were amazed by what this school's assignment was, I told them that its not a assignment, it is something that everyone in the world should do.

I think paying it forward is amazing because not everyone is like me and you. Paying it forward is important because people in the world don't have a family or food or even a place to live, So I am grateful for what I can do to help someone in the world. I hope the children that gets the toy is happy. Have a Happy Holiday Everyone! And always remember to PAY IT FORWARD!!

Sorry I don't have a picture because I had to leave early before taking a picture with the man.

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  1. Good Job Jennily. I like how you gave toys to other kids, and I also liked how you used different colors. Your post is even better if you have a picture, but its okay. I think your act of kindness is really good cause you get to give toys to other kids that needs it. Good Job !