Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Converting Percents Pg.142-143

(9) The highest point in Canada is Mount
Logan, which is in the Yukon Territory.
Mount Logan is 159% as high as the highest
point in Alberta, Mount Columbia. The
elevation of Mount Columbia is 3747 m.
What is the elevation of Mount Logan?
To solve this problem you will have to make a ratio table (T chart).
One the right side with % the other with m.
Then divide under the T line write 100 on the left side and 3747 divide both by 100 and you get 1 for the percent and 37.47 on the other then times both by 159 and you got your answer
(8) The original price of a jacket was $84.00.
A store manager marked the price down
by 25.50%.
By how much was the price
You draw a T chart and put % on the left side and $ on the right side.
Then Under the T line on the left side write 100 on the right write 84. Divide both by one hundred after that times it both by 25.50 and you get the answer.
Josephine scored 12 baskets out of
30 shots in her first basketball game
this year. Her scoring average then was
40%. The next game, she made
ten shots and raised her scoring
average for both games to 50%. How
many of the ten shots in the second
game were baskets?
30+10=40 if her scoring average was 50% then she must have half of 40 wich is
(40 divided by 2) 20


  1. I like that you only had word problems witch ment that you did 2 more then you were asked 2 witch is good should have include pictures but i guess you picture programm just failed thats ok.

  2. Good Job Hendrik. I think your post is good. I think next time you should add more colors, a picture, or a video that would help us more about converting percents. For your title I think you should put "Hendrick's Scribe post" so our classmates know whos scribe they're commenting on. And for your label you should tag yourself. Good Job .