Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kris' Pay It Forward

Part 1
The movie Pay It Forward was about a boy named Trevor who had an assignment to try to change the world. He help three people and he tells them to help three other people too. The three people were this guy named Jerry the teacher Mr Simonet and this guy that gets bullied, to help Mr Simonet, he put his mom on a date with him. Oh yeah his life is very hard because his dad left and his mom is a alcoholic.

Part 2
On December 18 2010, Brandon and I went to Isaac brook community centre to volunteer in the kitchen. In the kitchen we were giving hotdogs away, juice boxes and we helped Santa hand out candy canes too. We gave the candy canes to little kids like around 5-10 years old. Some kids were so hyper when they saw Santa. They where like jumping and saying "It's Santa". When Santa was going to leave my mom said we should take a picture with him, so we did. It was so much fun to be there. I felt good because I was helping people that i did not know and I didn't ask for any thing in return. It felt awesome when they said "thank you for helping us". I think they felt happy because at the community there wasn't a lot of volunteers and when Brandon and I went there they where happy. They just needed Brandon and I to give hot dogs and candy canes to people. No I didn't say "pay it forward" to the people there. I didn't say "pay it forward" to people because I had to give it to a person so the person can give it to the person who asked for it.
Part 3
I think it went okay because once i got there i was a little bit shy but then after a while I got use to it. It went how i predicted it to.Brandon and I was giving hot dogs and candy canes to little kids fo our Pay it forward project. I felt good because I did something good for another person and didn't ask for any thing in return. The people where happy when Brandon and i said "can we help you guys with anything, Its for a school project called Pay it foward". They said yes because they didn't have a lot of people and some people that the project was a great idea. No I didn't because we where giving the hotdogs to a person so they can give it to the person wo asked for it.
Part 4
I think its important because you wanna be nice and that's a good way to show it. You are doing this so you can make other peoples life easier and not so hard to live in. I think it did because Brandon and I did it for free and we asked nothing in return and they had a big smle on there face.

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