Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christian A's Homework Book Homework

I did question 5 and 6.

5.) The commission for the sale of a house was 63/4%. If the house sold for $345 000, how much was the commission? Show your thinking.

The commission was $23287.50

6.) Table salt is a chemical compound of soduim and chlorine. Recommended daily intake is about 1700 mg. If Canadians consume 182% of this amount on average, how much sodium is one person eating daily?

The person is eating 3094 mgs daily.


  1. Good Job Christian. Your post is good. But I think you can improve this by adding more color. A video and a link will be really helpful. Other than that Good JOb.

  2. Good job Christian! I like how you explained your work using images. To make this post better, you could have added a video and a link, also some color! Other than that, Nice job!