Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joshua's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Paying It Forward means showing an act of kindness to a stranger, expecting nothing in return. In the movie ''Pay It Forward'' a boy in the 7th grade shows what Paying It Forward means. Mr.Simonette gives Trevor an assignment to Pay It Forward. He tries to help a homeless guy named Jerry. He also tries to help a kid that gets bullied. Also he tries to help Mr.Simonette and his mom to be in a relationship. When Trevor tried to help the kid that always gets bullied, one of the kids had a knife and stabbed him. The death of Trevor was very sad but the neighbourhood lit candles and gave flowers to show how they appriciate him.

Part 2:

My group's act of kindness was giving out candy canes, cards and gloves to the homeless. I chose this activity because since its Christmas we wanted to give out candy canes and cards. Osborne St. was a great place to do it because theres alot of people walking up and down that street. The gloves were for the homeless people that had no gloves and were freezing. We helped the homeless and also the elderly. We handed out candy canes with cards attached to them and gloves with labels saying, ''Pay It Forward''. We did the act of kindness on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

Part 3:

It went well I guess. We asked alot of people but they all said NO. But there was this one person that was thrilled and said YES. After that I felt happy because someone finally accepted the candy cane. It made my heart feel warm because the face that person made was priceless. It made my day. Even if it said ''Pay It Forward'' on the card and candy cane, we still said it.

Part 4:

Paying It Forward is a very special and important thing in life. It shows how one person can make a difference. Osborne is a very busy street with people lying on the ground, sleeping without a home. When you help one person, that person continues to pass it on to another person and then another person and so on. If everyone was like that, this world would become a better place. Without killing, drugs, fighting, stealing etc. With help, we can accomplish that goal. My act of kindness has made a difference. The person that was thrilled will pass on that happiness to another person and the gloves for the homeless helped them feel more warm in this cold weather.



  1. Good job Joshua! It's to bad that a lot of people didn't accept your act of kindness. Try and make sure all of your font is the same size next time. Good job!

  2. I think that it is more important that through the acts of kindness you become more aware of the needs of those around you. You will see many more opportunities to help because you are more sensitive to them.