Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pay it forward

For my pay it forward my group sent letters to Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan and ask them what it was like in Afghanistan. So far we did not get a reply from them we didn't ask them to pay it forward because they have been paying it forward for years. Some of the questions my group asked were whats it like in Afghanistan, do you miss your family, in Afghanistan is in hot? Is it cold. We also said thank you for keeping us safe for all these years and that there doing a good job. I hope that one of the many soldiers in Afghanistan gets are letters and knows that every is depending on them to keep this country safe and end the conflict in Afghanistan.


  1. Good Job Kyle. I think your post is okay. I suggest that next time try to add pictures of you doing your act of kindness or a video. Also try to add colors and you should've did what we were suppose to do, like answer questions from part one, part two, part three and part four. For your title i suggest this "Kyle's Pay it Forward". Other than that good job.

  2. Nice job Kyle! I liked your post, but next time you can really try to add more things to get your post interesting. You can improve by, adding pictures or if you wanted a video of you doing it instead. I thought you should have answered all the questions from Mr. Harbeck's post, to get you post longer and more likely for us to read. You could have added more color to get attention from us. I agree with Anna you should have put your title as "Kyle's Pay it Forward."