Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christian Andulan's Pay it Forward

Pay it Foward is a random act of kindness, and not expecting the person to do anything in return. What happens is the person can decide whether to pass on the act of kindness or not to.

My pay it forward act of kindness was to donate my old clothes. I chose this activity because I know that I shouldn't be the only one that has clothes to wear to cover my body. I guess that I helped the kids who are less fortunate. Arun and I gathered up clothes that aren't using and we dropped it off at a local Donation Centre. We did our act of kindness today, 19-Dec-2010.

My act of kindness went well, we had to drop off our donation and somebody would pick it up and the end of the day. I felt great about putting my old clothes to a use, even if it wasn't me using them. There was no one for us to ask to pay it foward.

The idea of paying it forward is important because people need to see past thinking about themselves, and should think about others just as equally. My act of kindness has made a difference.

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  1. Good job Christian! Your post was very neat and it was a good idea to put old clothes to good use. Good job!!