Saturday, December 18, 2010

Colleen's Pay It Forward

Part 1
The movie "Pay It Forward" is about a young boy named Trevor. His social studies teacher assigned a project to find a way to change the world. Trevor comes up with "Pay It Forward." He does 3 good deeds and he expects the people he helped to do the same and pay it forward. His first good deed is to help a homeless man name Jerry. Trevor's second good deed is to try to get his mom and his social studies teacher together. He thinks his plan to "pay it forward" didn't work, until a reporter interviews him about his idea. H
is last good deed is to help a boy that is getting bullied.

Part 2

For my act of kindness me, Breanna, Maya, Ana, and Hazel went to polo park to donate toys and hand out candy. We chose this activity because we thought it is a great way to make someone happy when they weren't expecting it. We donated toys because we know not every family could afford toys. We helped kids that don't have enough money for toys. First we went out and bought toys and candy. Then we handed out the candy and donated the toys. We went some stores and asked if they wanted one. We did our act of kindness on Friday December 17, 2010.

Part 3
I think our act of kindness went better than i thought. When we got there we donated the toys first. we went to the middle of polo park where there was a giant pile of toys. 102.3 Clear FM was there also, so we told them we are from Sargent Park School and they said they will try to mention us on the radio. After donating the toys we went to give the candy out. I felt scared, happy and excited at the same time. Some people were surprised and happy and some people were kind and said "no thanks." After offering candy we said "pay it forward." Some people didn't ask us what it means to pay it forward, and the others told us what they are going to do to pay it forward.

Part 4
The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because people need to know that even the little
st thing could mean a lot to another person. I think my act of kindness has made a difference.

Don't forget to Pay It Forward!

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  1. Good job Colleen! I really liked your act of kindness! You guys took nice pictures that showed what you guys were doing. Nice job on giving a short retell of the movie.