Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jomer's Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Paying it forward is when you show an act of kindness to a stranger, and knowing to have nothing in return. The movie, " Pay it forward" was about a grade seven er boy named Trevor, His father would beat his mom up, which made things worst. His mom was an alcoholic. Trevor's Social Studies teacher Mr. Simonet was fully burnt from his step dad. Mr. Simonet and Trevor's mom had a thing. The teacher told the class to pay it forward. So, Trevor did. These kids would always bully Trevor's classmate, but he didn't really do anything. Until one time, Trevor stood up. Sadly The bullies had a knife. Stabbed Trevor in the stomach. He died at the age of 12.

Part 2:

My act of kindness was buying holiday cards, candy canes, and gloves. Then handing them out to anyone on Osborne. We chose this activity because we knew that there were a lot of homeless people around. Also we knew it was a busy street. When we went to Osborne. We did our act of kindness on Saturday, December 18, 2010.

Part 3:
Our act of kindness was poor. We asked over 30 people. We got the same answers. "NO!!"The first time the person said no, I felt so embarrassed and scared. But when it became the 10th person, I was frustrated. All the others that said no, had attitude with it. When we would hand the cards and candy canes out, we said " Happy holidays, Pay it forward." Some people even ignored our requested. And kept walking.

Part 4:
The idea of " Paying it forward" is so important because, It shows that not everyone are snobs. Also, it can change peoples lives. Knowing that people like us, can walk down Osborne, by ourselves in the cold weather and hand out candy canes. Even though we had a simple idea, that one person who accepted our offer, would probably pay it forward. When he tells people to pay it forward, it'll hopefully go on, and on for years to come.
I think my act of kindness did make a difference. It can show that, not only adults care about others, but children can too. Also, for all those people who declined our wonderful offer, hopefully it changes their perspective about young strangers.

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  1. Good job Jomer!! It was good that even after so many people kept saying "NO," you kept on asking people to 'pay it forward." Good job!