Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christian T's Pay it Forward

Part 1
An 11 year old boy named Trevor has a troubled family, an alcoholic mother named Arlene, and his dad left them. At Trevor's school he has a new social studies teacher named Mr.Simonet. Mr.Simonet gives Trevor's class an assignment to think of a simple way to make the world a safer place. Trevor thinks of pay it forward, he does a favor for 3 people and ask them to do the same to other people. Trevor starts by helping a junkie named Jerry, then he tries to get Arlene and Mr.Simonet dating, and lastly he saves his classmate from bullies. One night a journalist that was stuck with no car, he got a car from a stranger asking him to do a favor for someone else, the journalist was surprised.

Part 2

For my act of kindness, i donated my old clothes to The Salvation Army Thrift Store. I chose this activity because I had a lot of clothes laying around, so i might as well donate them to people who needs them. I helped the people who needs stuff to wear.I donated my old clothes to The Salvation Army. I did my act of kindess today.

Part 3
My act of kindness went well. On Saturday December 20, 2010 my dad and I went to that Salvation Army Thrift Store and explained what we were going to do. The person told us to drop the clothes in the gray bin.I felt happy because I know that I'm helping people I didn't say pay it forward to the person because she was busy, I think that they would've appreciated me donating old clothes.

Part 4
Pay it forward is important because you're helping people, and trying to make the world a nicer place. I think my act of kindness will make a difference in peoples lives.

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