Sunday, December 5, 2010

135 - 136 Odds

1. 0.003 to a percent:
0.003 x 100= 0.3
Jordan is correct.

3. They can be both correct. Here is an example of a problem that says Mark's team scores 500% more goals and Jonas says they scored 5x more goals.

Mark's team scores 5 goals while the other team scores 1.




Here is a video about converting fractions, decimals and percents.


  1. Good Job Mark. Your post is good. I like how you used different colors. And the video helped me a lot. For your pitures I suggest that next time try to use the text thingy instead of using the pencil. For your title instead of putting in 135-136 odds you should've put Mark's Textbook Work. Other than that Good Job.

  2. Good Job Mark! Your post was good. I liked your usage of color. Your pictures, maybe try and make them neater. Also as anna said to make it Marks Textbook Work instead of 135-136 odds.
    Other than that great work!

  3. Good job Mark! Your post was organzied and easy to read. I agree with Anna and Breanna, make sure your name is in the title. Also make sure you add a link.

  4. Good job Mark! I like the video you put. I also like how the post is neat and easy to read. Next time add a link. good job!

  5. Good job Mark. I like the pictures. The video was really helpful. Next time you should add a link. But your post was great!