Sunday, March 6, 2011

Winnipeg Harvest Visit - Make Manitoba Hunger Free 873

I was one of the people who got to go to Winnipeg Harvest a few weeks ago. I will talk about Winnipeg Harvest and you can learn more at .

What did you learn about Winnipeg Harvest?

I learned that Winnipeg Harvest helps many people. It makes a big difference in Winnipeg and some parts of Manitoba. About 56,000 people go to Winnipeg Harvest every month and half of them are people under the age of 18. People across Winnipeg come to Winnipeg Harvest and pick up food, or if not they get delivered. Many people volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest just to help pack food into bags, sort food, and many other things. We have such a great community! Winnipeg Harvest doesn't just have food, they also have medical products, dog/cat food, and hygiene products. Winnipeg Harvest works with other agencies and 80 child care agencies, they send food there also. If Harvest stopped receiving food, they would be out of food in a week!

Who does Winnipeg Harvest help?

Basically Winnipeg Harvest helps people who need food. People come to get food or get there food delivered. Winnipeg Harvest works with other agencies and 80 child care agencies, they send food there also. Winnipeg Harvest gives out 1000 basic nutrition kits every day and about 5500 a week. When I was at Winnipeg Harvest to help, this is what we did. Make nutrition kits, which includes four things, protein, fruit/vegetables, carbohydrates, and soup. These are all in cans.

Where does Winnipeg Harvest get the food it supplies to its users?

Winnipeg Harvest gets their food supplies from many areas throughout the city. In many stores, there are baskets or boxes located somewhere. There you can put in perishable food, and when this is full they send it to Winnipeg Harvest to donate. Some of these stores include Safeway, Superstores, and Sobeys. Winnipeg Harvest have many connections that donate to them. For example, Superstore might have extra food that they don't want to sell anymore or for any other reason. Another company is Co-op! Yes, the gas station. They have food there too, not many people buy there so if there is lots of extras or any other reason it is sent off to donate to Winnipeg Harvest.

What are the top 10 items needed in Winnipeg Harvest?

1. Canned Fish and Poultry
2. Canned Fruit and Vegetables
3. Canned Stew, Chili, Brown Beans
4. Peanut Butter (Light)
5. Baby Food
6. Whole Grain Pasta/Whole Wheat Pasta
7. Rice
8. Canned Spaghetti Sauce or Tomatoes
9. Cereal
10. Canned Soup

When you volunteered what do you remember about your job?

When I volunteered what I remember doing about my job was that we were in at our own area, in order there was a box of plastic bags, box of carbohydrates (eg. oatmeal, pasta), box of protein (eg. canned stew), box of fruits and vegetables (eg. cans of fruits/vegetables), and box of soup (canned). Then you held your bag and walked and took one of each so you had four in your bag. You then tie it, then we hand it over to a bigger bag which then can have only seven of those small kits. That big bag gets closed and then goes on the side. You go back to the end of the line and this process goes on and on! It seems boring, but for me it was actually really fun! I had a great time, it was a wonderful opportunity to go to Winnipeg Harvest and I'm very grateful. (:

Mr. Potter took picture of us, but it is not uploaded.

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