Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Term 2 Reflection

In term 2, I think I did well on the test and quizzes throughout the term. In this term I learned about percents, surface area, and volume. In percent, I learned how to add taxes like, PST and GST to prices (numbers). In surface area I learned how to find the area of a shape like triangles, rectangles, and squares by using certain formulas such as lxw, and bxh/2. For volume I learned the formula for finding the volume which is lxwxh. In term 2 i struggled in percents because last year I missed the classes when they were going over percents. Next term I will try to participate in class, and do my blog work correctly. The difference between volume and surface area is the volume is volume is measuring how much capacity a shape has and surface area is the measurement of the exterior.


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