Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sophia's Term Two Reflection

In term two we learned about Volume, Surface Area, and Percents. I think I did really well when we were working on Surface Area.ex
a 2 + b 2=c 2
5 2+5 2=c 2
(5x5) +(5x5)=c 2
25+25=c 2
50 2=c 2
At first I didn't understand it but after awhile it was really easy. Espeasially unwrapping a cylinder, rectangular prism,and triangle prism.
Another thing that was pretty easy was volume.
I learned that by using a piece of string and going around a circle leaves a gap which is 3.14 and that's for any shape or size. I learned stuff like pi x r x r.
The things I think that I did poorly in was pecents and I think it was because I wasn't really interested in it and that I wasn't asking any questions. Next time I will ask my dad or a friend for help. I think that working more on the blog will increase my term 3 mark and getting ready and ahead the day before a test or qiuz so if theres something I don't get I can ask for help.

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