Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marysa's Term 2 Reflection

I think that in term 2 I did the best on my volume section. I found the work on that section the easiest. The part that was my favorite was figuring out the answers to the volume questions that had a piece out of them. I think that the thing I struggled on the most was remembering the formulas for the different problems. To do better I will practice the math more and also write things out. I think that by doing that I am more likely remember the things that I have learned for tests and the exam. I learned this term about how to add tax on to a price by using percent. The tax here in Manitoba are 12%. You have to find out what 12% of your price is and then add it to the price. I learned that surface area is measured in square units like cm^2 or km^2. I also learned how to get the surface by taking the shape apart and finding the area of the sides then adding that together to get the total surface area. I also learned about volume. I learned how to get the volume of a cylindrical, rectangular, and triangular prism. To find the volume of a rectangular prism you use the formula v=lxwxh. To find the volume of a triangular prism you use the formula v=bxh/2xh. The last formula was for the cylinder it was v=(pir^2)h. I also learned how to take a piece out of a prism you have to get the volume of both and then subtract the inside shape fro the outside one. The difference between surface area and volume is that volume is telling you what a shape is when you cube it. I is written as cubic.

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