Thursday, March 3, 2011

Term 2 Reflection



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Term 2 Reflection
In term 2, overall, I did pretty good on everything. This included things like surface area, volume, and percents. I think I did well is mainly because I listen when the teacher is talking.One thing I didn’t do well in was checking my work. There was this one question for volume that I thought it said you were supposed to put the clothes in the drawer. I will improve in the next term by reading the question more than once. In percent, I learned that to find tax, you have to multiply a number by 1.12. In surface area, I learned how to find the surface area of a rectangular prism (draw all the sides of the shape,multiply the measurements then add up all the products), triangular prism (draw all the sides of the shape, multiply all the measurements, divide the products by two, and then add), and cylinder (use formula, (2πr²)+(2rπh)). Now in volume, I learned the formulas to find the volume of a rectangular prism(v=lxwxh), triangular prism (v=bxh1xh2/2) and cylinder (v=πr²xh)

Now, what exactly is the difference between volume and surface area. Well, surface area is finding how many units are outside of something. An example of a question with surface area is, “How many gift wrap is needed to cover the product?”. Now, for volume, your finding how many units are inside. A question using volume is something like “ How many water is in the pipe?” .

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