Sunday, March 20, 2011

Term Two Reflection

My audioboo couldn't upload so i just put this.

Term Two Reflection

This is my Term Two Reflection on math, we have learned surface area and volume is term. The unit that I did really well was volume, it was easy for me and I understand it well. I could help others and I could pass my test with a good mark. I really don’t have a unit that I struggled with, the units were easy for me. The thing that I can do better for the next term is to do my homework, take time to check my work in tests, and to listen more. I learned how to find the surface area and the volume in shapes. For surface area you have to find each face of the shape and add it together. For volume you have many things you have to do. You can find the volume of a rectangular prism, triangular prism, and a cylinder.

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