Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jasmin's Term 2 Reflection


Term 2 Reflection

In term two, I did well on getting my homework completed on time. We learned about percents, surface area, and volume. For percents, I learned how to add GST% and PST% to a certain price or number that was given in the math problem. Surface area was my favorite thing that I studied during the second term because I got good marks on my quizzes and test. I found it easy once I knew all the formulas.I learned how to find the total surface area (T.S.A) using formulas such as (πr^2) for finding the T.S.A of a cylinder, (lxw) for finding the T.S.A of a rectangular prism, and (bxh/2) for finding the T.S.A of triangular prism. For volume, I learned a new formula which was (πr^2)xh. I learned that the volume is the amount of space inside a shape. I used to struggled on the problems when you had to find the volume of a shape with another shape added or taken away from it. Next term, I will try to do better by asking questions and communicating with my classmates.

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