Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer's Term Two Reflectionand


In term two we learned about volume, percent, and surface area. I did pretty well but struggled at first. i will do better this term by leaving more comments and studying for tests. i learned the formula for volume pi x r x r x h or pi x r *2 x h that's for a cylinder. For a triangular prism its b x h /2 x h. And for rectangular prism its l x w x h. In percent we learned about converting percent. And for surface area we learned the formulas for finding circumference, diameter and radius.a cylinders formulas are: for the circumference its pi x 2 = c for diameter its r x 2 = d for the radius its d / 2 = r and to find the area its pi x c = a. the formulas for a triangular prism are: b x h / 2 and l x w. And lastly for rectangular prism its l x w. And that is my term 2 reflection.

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  1. Good job Summer.
    I think you deserve a really good mark because even though you are not the smartest one in our class you do all your homework and study.