Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christian's Term 2 Reflection


* If you can't hear my voice very well, I wrote my reflection down here. Sorry, my mic on my laptop was far away from my mouth and I kept messing up trying to record it again.

Term 2 Reflection

In term 2 I think I did well on volume and surface area. I think I did well on my tests because I remembered the formulas. It was easy to understand.

I struggled with some of the formulas for finding volume. I didn't like finding the volume for cylinders at all. It sucked. I didn't really understand percents.

Next term I will listen more in class and focus on my work more. I will also try to be involved with class discussion to help my learning.

I learned how to convert decimals to fractions. I learned how to calculate taxes by a ratio table. I learned how to calculate the formula for 3D shapes like rectangle or a right triangle. I learned how to find the volume of them too.

Surface area is the amount of units outside of the 3D shape, and volume is the is the amout of units inside the shape.

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