Thursday, March 17, 2011

Term II Reflection

I really tried to do well in this term. You could say I succeeded...
I did well with surface area and volume this term because if you compared them to the rest of the endless topics in math, they’re relatively easy. In the “greatest volume test”, I got 19 out of 19 correct (or was it 18?). I kind of struggled with tax at first, but I got the hang of it fairly quickly. I'll do better next term by checking my work on tests so I won’t make any stupid mistakes and also making sure I do all of my homework.
I learned a lot during the percent unit. I learned how to calculate taxes, handle fees, and most of all, how to make a 5-minute math video (6, really) with about a dozen people watching you... awkwardly...
The surface area unit was pretty easy. The formulas were simple and easy to learn and you only needed three of them (not including the half a dozen cylinder formulas). The only problem you really run into is the lack of looseleaf that ensues after drawing about 30 nets.
Volume was the easiest of the three. Just three formulas, a pencil, and a calculator away from actually acing a test. Of course, if you don’t screw up multiple choice, your cubic units, your cubic units... if you check your work really good, you should be fine.
In this term, I did really well on the tests, but I didn’t do absolutely all of my work.
In the next term, I will try to do all of my work as well as keeping the test marks up.

*Audioboo to come*... hopefully...

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