Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scribe 6 - 2 Questions From Page 87

In this scribe, I had to pick two questions on page 87 and answer them. These are the two questions I decided to answer:

24. a) What are the next three triangular numbers
10, 15, 21
b) Add together any two consecutive triangular numbers. What do you notice about the sums?
The sums equal perfect squares.
Example, 1+3=4 3+6=9 6+10=16

25. A square digital photo on the computer has an area of 144 cm2.
a) What is the side length of the photo?

The side length of the photo is 12 cm.

b) The photo is enlarged so that the side length is now 36 cm. What is the area of the enlarged photo?

The area of the enlarged photo is now 1296 cm2

c) How many times as large as the original area is the enlarged area?
1296/144=9 The original photos area was enlarged by 9x
d) How many times as large as the original side length is the enlarged side length?
36/12=3 The original photos side length was enlarged by 3x

e) Use what you know about the square root of a perfect square to identify the relationship between the numbers in parts c) and d).


  1. Good job Alec, Your post was organized and easy to understand. I liked the images that you put. Next time, show how you got your answer and be more descriptive. You should also add color.

  2. Great job Alec, I like how you put images, Next time you should add some color. Everything is nice and organized. I agree with hazel, next time you should show us how you got your answer. Other than that, Keep it up.

  3. Good Job Alec. I like your pictures they're very colorful. You should higlight the answers so its easy to identify which one is questions and which ones are answers. And also what Mr. Harbeck said you should've put a label. Other than that. Good Job .

  4. Good job Alec! I like your pictures, they were colorful. Next time, you should add color to the important words. Also what Mr.Harbeck said, dont forget to add labels. Other than that, good job!

  5. Good job, Alec. Your post had images to help us understand your post, which was good. However, I didn't understand question 24 about triangular numbers because I didn't fully know what it was asking (also because I didn't choose to do it). Also, you could have added a link and video. Anyways, good post.

  6. Good job alec! I like the pictures. You should add more colors. I agree with hazel also. But overall, great job!

  7. Good job Alec! Your post is nice and organized. Next time show how you got the answers, and add more color. Overall good job!

  8. Nice job Alec. I like the pictures you used in the post. Next time you should add some color and you should explain how you got your answer to. Other than that, good job!