Friday, October 29, 2010

Samara's Seasome Street video post

Group Members : Samara and Jennily
Rate: Compares two quantities measured by different units.
Two Team Ratios: Compares two quantities measured in the same units.
Three Team Ratios : Compares three quantities measured in the same units.
Unit Rates: A rate in which the second team is 1.
Unit Price: A unit rate used when shopping.
Part to Part ratio: Compares different part of a ratio to each other.
Part to Whole Ratio: Compares one part of a group to a whole group.
Proportional Reasoning: A relationship that says that two rations are equal.


  1. Good Job Samara. I like your video and your post. To improve this try to put more examples under your definitions, and try to put more colors. Good Job. :)

  2. Good job Samara!! Your post was very organized and I liked that you changed the colour of some of the words. But next time make sure you put an example. Great job!!

  3. Nice job Samara! To make this post better, you should put examples for the definitions that you put! You should also link us the original Sesame Street video !