Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meldrick's Sesame Street Post

Maya, who is Elmo, then Alfred in the blooper reel;
Ana, who is Zoe, then Alfred in the blooper reel;
Me, who is Alfred, then Zoe in the blooper reel;
Anabelle, the merciful person who let us use her house, is Elmo in the blooper reel.
Two-Term Ratio: a comparison of 2 different things measured in different units.


Three term Ratio: a comparison of 3 different things measured in different units.

1 : 12 : 60

Rate: a comparison of 2 different things measured in different units.

60km/h is a rate.

Unit Rate: a rate in which the second term is one.

72 beats/min is a unit rate.

Proportion: a relationship that says two ratios or rates are equal.
balls 2 1
----------- = ---------- -----------
players 24 12


  1. Great Job Meldrick! I liked your video a lot! It was intersting. Next time you should have took the time and added images to get it better and understand your post more. Also to improve add more colors to important keywords! Other than that awesome job! Keep up the good work!

  2. Awesome job Meldrick! I really like your video! Nice Elmo hat Ana! Anyways .. I like the examples you gave for each definition! Keep it up!

  3. Great Job Meldrick! I like your video alot, it had good definitions and it was good at explaining ratio. Keep up the good work!

  4. good job!!!! but you could have made it more colorful and bigger and bolder to make it stand out also if you did your pictures in paint it would have stood out more also i like your video

  5. Nice Job! the video was great but i can see a reflection off the white board and you should have took that out. Also i think you should have took out that rock band drum set. Other then that Good Job!

  6. Good job Meldrick! Your video was really nice. It was descriptive and had good definitions. Your post was alright. Next time, add more color, change the font, and, add pictures.

  7. Good JOb Meldrick I think your post it great also your video. I suggest that next time you use pictures for your examples. Other than that. Good Job. :)

  8. Good Job Meldrick. I really lied maya's and Ana's video. it was very funny. You should of made your post abit neater and more colourful to make things stick out. but good job!

  9. Good job Meldrick! The video was really good but you guys could have been a bit louder. Your post is good but you next you should add color and make it neater. But anyways good job!
    PS. My video is the same as yours!

  10. Good job Meldrick!! your post was neat but next time make sure you change the colours of the important words. Your groups video was great too.

  11. Great post meldrick!!! your post was very organized and you have good pictures!!!but next time yo should put more color!! other then that

  12. Good post Meldrick. your post was really well done and neat. Next time you should put more color. Other than you good job, keep it up.