Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angelique's Sesame Street Video Post

Group Members; Jasmin and Anna

Ratio - Compares two quantities measured in the same units.

Example: If you have ten cans on a shelf and a lady takes away 4 from the shelf you get six on the shelf, the ratio of the cans that are still on the shelf and the cans with the lady is,
The part that says "Shelf:Lady" that is what you call a word ratio.

Rate - Compares two quantites measured in different units.
Unit Rate - A rate in which the second term is one.
Unit Price - A unit rate used when shopping.

Example: If you have 10 cans/$12.00 and you want to know how much four cans cost, you can use "unit rate." This is how you can do it.

Proportion - A relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.

Proportion Statement; ____ _____ = _____

Example: If eight pencils cost $1.50, how much will 24 pencils cost?

This is a way to do it.

My group and I made a remake video of Sesame Street's video called, "Supermarket Countdown.''
This is our remake video of Supermarket Countdown.
Presenting, "The Ratio & Rate Supermarket"


  1. Great Job Angelique! I like how you changed the colors of the important words.. I also like how you added color to your images. Keep up the good work!

  2. great job!!!!! i like your pictures but your words could have been bigger and also i love your video it is funny but very explanitory i really understand what your saying

  3. Awsome job Angelique! I like how you changed the colors of the important words to make them stand out, I also like the color in your pictures. Keep up the good work!! (:

  4. Good Job Angelique. I like your post. I think its really colorful, nice pictures and video. You coloured important words and your examples are understandable. :) Good job.

  5. Good job Angelique! I like how its colorful and the pictures are nice. I also like how you changed the color of the important words.

  6. Good job Angelique!! Your examples for the difinitions were great and so was the video.

  7. Good job, your video was good angelique!! you had good picture and great color!! keep the good work up!!

  8. Good job Angelique. your video was very good and you had very nice pictures for your post and the way you highlighted important words, keep it up.