Friday, October 29, 2010

I like math because i like to learn math so i can be in grade nine.
I was not here for grade 7.
I want to learn about math because i like math.
I'm in grade i wasn't here for grade 7 im new here


  1. I think your post is okay. I suggest next time try to put a title ex. "Matthew's Math profile". You repeated some words twice. You should've look at the other blog where Mr. Harbeck put the questions and what were suppose to put in our math profile. Next time try to make paragraphs not just sentences.

  2. Nice post Matthew. Next time you should answer the questions that Mr.Harbeck had for us on the blog, make sure you check over your work.

  3. Good job Matthew. Your post was really short and you didn't really answer any of the questions Mr.Harbeck asked you to answer. Next time take a little bit longer to do your posts so you can make it more detailed.Good job.