Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi my name is kyle I'm a math student in grade eight when people ask me if I like math I say sometimes I do good sometimes I do bad that's because I sometimes a little thing can catch my attention.

In grade 7 I was not the beast student in MR.Isfelds class I was almost never listened to him.

To be a better student i need to focus more on my subjects like math and L.A. and more.

I never did a post in grade 7.


  1. Good JOb Kyle. Your post is okay. You should've put a title "Kyles Math Profile". Next time before posting your post I think you should read it over and spell and check cause I found errors. And also I think your suppose to write in paragraphs not sentences. Good Job..

  2. Nice post kyle. I think you should have answered the questions in a paragraph and not just sentences. Make sure you check over your work for grammar and spelling.