Sunday, October 31, 2010

Breanna- Scribe 5

For this scribe i had to answer questions 18,20 and 22. Enjoy!

18. The question says if the square floor mat has a side length of 14m, what is the area of the square floor mat in square meters?

Here is my answer:


The area is 196 m2.

20. This questions says that Adams uncle has instructions for building a shed, a page of the insturtions was not as clear as he thought.

a) The question asks for the area of the rectanlge. Here is what i did:

A= LxW
A= 9x4
A= 36m2

The area is 36m2.

b) Now this time is ask`s for the side length of the square, and this is what i tohught of.

I think that the answer will be 6 because when you square 6 it equals 36.

Ex. 2
6 = 36 or 6x6= 36.

22. This question ask for three questions that are connected to to the largest in Beijing that has an area of 396,900 m squared.

a) This question is asking about what the dimenstions on the square are. This is what i did.

630 m by 630 m
=630m squared = 369,000

The answer is 369,000.

b) This question asks if the dimention would be 629 m by 629 m, what would be the answer? I did this.

629 m by 629 m
= 629 squared = 395, 641.

The answer is 395,641.

c) This question is asking if the area is less than 394, 000 but greater than 386,000, what would the dimention between those numbers? I answered like this.

622 squared = 386,884
623 squared = 388,129
624 squared = 389,376
625 squared = 390 625
626 squared = 391,876
627 squared = 393,129

Those are all the whole possible dimensions that I could have.

Here is a link on finding the area of a square or rectangle.

and here is a video.


  1. Good job Breanna! I really like how the post is really colorful. Next time don't use bright colors like yellow. Overall good job.

  2. Good Job Breanna. I like your post, I think its very colorful..but I suggest next time dont use light colors because its hard to read. And for the answers using pictures could've been better. Other than that. Awesome job :)

  3. Oh and Instead of putting in scribe 5 you should've put your name.

  4. Nice job Breanna! I like how you changed the color of the font but I suggest you only change the font color of the important words, and don't use bright/light colors! Anyways, good job and keep it up!

  5. Good job, Breanna. Your post showed us all the answers to the questions and was very detailed and colourful. However, you should try to avoid using really bright colours because it is hard to read. Also, you should really check your 'i's and your grammar as well. Other than that and any other mistakes I missed, your post was good.

  6. Great job Breanna! I liked how you answered all the questions with an explanation. I see you used bright colors, we do not want that because it's hard to see.

  7. Good job Breanna. I really liked the video you posted it was helpful. Next time you do a post though you should highlight in colour only the important facts other wise it becomes a distraction. Over all though nice post.

  8. Great job Breanna. I liked how you used a lot of colors. It was very organized. Your video was kind of helpful. Excellent Job

  9. Good job Breanna. I liked how you showed your work and how you got your answer. I also liked the video that you have chosen. Next time, don't use bright colors because it was kind of hard to read. Anyways, good job.

  10. Good job Breanna! I like how it was easy to understand your answers and the video was interesting, next time you should check your "i", your spelling and that you shoudn't use bright colours. Other then that your post was great.