Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ryan's Sesame Street Video Post

Group members: Ryan M, Christian T, Kris G .

Part One
Two/Three term ratios- Compares two/three quantities measured in the same unit.

Example: 5 oranges, 2 grapes. 5:2
5 oranges
, 2 grapes, to all. 5:2:7

Rates- Compares 2 quantities measured in different units.
Example: 10g= 1.50$/10g

Proportional Reasoning- A relationship that says 2 ratios and 2 rates are equal.

$/g 5$/5g= 10$/10g

Part Two

My group and I did a remake of the Sesame Street Video called The Scale Salesman
It's about left trying to sell Ernie a scale.

Part Three
Want to buy a proportional reasoning?


  1. Good job Ryan! I like how you used a bit of color. I think you should have explained your example for proportional reasoning a bit more. Nice video! Keep it up.

  2. Nice job Ryan! I really like the video! Next time though, you should have made images. You should have done that so some examples won't be confusing. Also, try not to use bright colors sometimes its hard to read. Good job!

  3. Good Job Ryan! I liked how you put color and gaved an example for Ratio, Rates and Proportional Reasoning.So god job!! But next time you should put a picture or two!! Other then that good job!!

  4. Good job ryan! I like how you put colors so you can read it easier. But you have more pictures

  5. Goob job Ryan!! I liked how you changed the colour of some of the words. Your video was good too, but make sure next time when you film the video you don't talk. Overall, great job!!

  6. Good Job Ryan. I liked how you used different colors but next time try not to use green. I also liked your video. Next time like what others said ^^ try to put pictures to explain more about ratios and rates. Other than that Good job.