Sunday, October 17, 2010


Group Members: John C., Alec M., Mark C., Brandon A.

Part One:
Two term ratios and Three term ratio- compares two or three quantities measured in the same units.
Example: Two term ratios, orange balls to purple balls 3:5
Three term ratios, orange balls to red balls to purple balls 3:2:5

Rates- compares two quantities measured in different units.
example: $/orange= $1.99/orange

Proportional reasoning- a relationship that says two ratios or rates are equal
example: x2
$/h $50/1h = $100/2h

Part Two:

Description: Lefty the salesman sells Ernie an "8"

Part Three:
Wanna buy a rate?


  1. Great post John!! It was good that you difined both two term and three term ratios. The video was great too.

  2. Awesome Job John! I liked what Emily said, you defined two term and three term ratio. I liked how you colored important words. Awesome video, its good!

  3. Amazing post John! I really like your video! It made me laugh, you guys brought in a lot of energy in to the video! I also like how you post is nice and organized. To me, you made it nice and organized by highlighting the important words and putting the next part in "bold". Keep it up!

  4. Good job John! You guys had a really good video. Your post was nice and organized. You could of put a picture to explain it more but anyways good job, keep it up!

  5. Great job John! I liked how you highlighted the important words and, of course, I liked your video. Next time try adding a picture or two to make your post better.

  6. Nice post John, your post was really organized and neat. I liked the way you changed the color of the important words. I liked your video.

  7. Good job!!!! i like how you highlighted the important words but the words could have been bigger and you could have put more space in between it also your examples could have been bigger and more colorful also i like your video

  8. Good JOb JOhn.. I like your post. I think You and Alec did a good job. Next time try adding a picture to make you post even better.

  9. Good Job John! I like your video. You and Alec were awesome. Next Time I think you should make the words on the papers more darker because it looked like they were sorta blank at some point of view. Other then that Good Job!

  10. Awsome job John! I really like your video, it was very funny. I think for you to make your post better you should add a couple of pictures. Other than that great job !

  11. Great job john!! your post was neat and your video is funny!! i like the color you put on your post it was good. Awesome job, and keep t up