Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ryan's Math Profile

Hi my name is Ryan Mercado. I am a math student in grade 8. If someone asked me do you like math? I would say yes becauase math is important in life. I say this because when you get older and you buy things by yourself you need to know how much money you need to pay for something. The best thing i did last year was blogging because it was fun and you can help people when they need it. Also i think of it as test to see if I pay attention in class.

In grade 7 my favorite unit was fractions because i already knew some things about it. I did well in this unit becauase I knew what I was doing for the entire unit and if i had to I would explain how i got an answer. The unit i didnt do well in last year was the co-ordinate grid. I knew the basic things that you had to do but i got confused about the three transformations except for rotation. This year i must pay attention in class so I know what do in a unit.

This year in grade 8 i will try to help my classmates with things they dont get so they can get it and do the rest of the work with no help. I also wanna make more blogs because it will test me if I payed attention in class or not. This year I would like to learn more about algebra because im weak at it so I wanna try to improve on it so I dont have to always ask what do we do or i dont
get it.

Last year I did a blog about Why We Estimate because I wanted to help people who didnt get the unit. Blogging helped me get better because when i dont get something I can look at the blog and try to find out what i dont get. When were on computers in math class I hope to do more blogs and make sure I get homework done on time.


  1. Nice job Ryan! Make sure to check over you work. I found a few mistakes. (capitalize your "I") Next time you should do your blog when the assignment is given to us, but its better late than never.. Anyways, Great job!

  2. Good job Ryan, You did a good job but next time you should capitalize your "I" and you should of put a last year post that was your best, other then that good job!!!

  3. Good job Ryan!! Your post was easy to read and very neat. Next time make sure you use proper capitalization and you didn't put a link for the blog you did last year. Otherwise, great job!!

  4. Good Job Ryan. I liked how you explained things well. I found some errors and you should change your lower case "i" to upper case "I". Next time try to put the link of the post that you did last year so everyone could see it. Other than that Good Job .