Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emily's Sesame Street Video Post

Group: Emily, Marysa, Katerina

Ratios- compares quantities measured in the same units.
girls:boys 13:16

Rates- compares two quantities measured in different units.

Proportion- a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.
2/3 = 6/9 (To get from 2 to 6 you multiply 2 by 3 and to get from 3 to 9 you multiply 3 by 3.)

Here is a link for the Sesame Street video: Pick a card Any Card. In this video, Grover does the pick a card, any card trick with the help of his assistant.

Here is our video: Pick a Rate, Any Rate:


  1. Awesome Job Emily! I liked how your post was neat and organized! I liked how you remembered to color important word. To improve you should put at least one picture or more, to make it more interesting. Awesome video,keep up the great work.

  2. Great job Emily! I like how you highlighted the important words. I think you should have put an image for your example for proportion, so you could show your work a bit better, other than that awesome job!

  3. Good job Emily! When you highlighted the important words, it made your post more attracting, and I liked that. Next time you could have shown us where you got your idea for your video from.

  4. Good JOb Emily. I think your post is great. I liked your video also. I also liked how you highlighted important words. Like what Jasmin said I think you should show your work a little bit better. anyways.. good job.

  5. Good job Emily ! I liked your video, although you did stutter with words at one point, which I noticed, but thats ok. I agree with Jasmin and Anna, you should show your work a litle bit better next time, but other than that, Good Job !

  6. Good job Emily!! Your video was funny and i like the color you put on your post. next time you should put an example of proportional reasoning. but other then that good job

  7. Good job Emily. You made a really go video and its great that you put color in your post. Next time you should put pictures in your post. but in other words you did a good job.