Friday, October 29, 2010

Krizna' Profile

Hi,my name is Krizna .I am i a student in grade 8.So if someone were to ask me if I liked math I would say sure.Math isn't a subject that i really like but i think its okay.Its not one of my strongest subjects but I don't mind it.the grade that i had the strongest in math was grade 4.Because in grade 4 i used to love doing division.Because i was really good at it.but I think math is okay.

On grade 7 i really liked doing problem solving I,really liked figuring out problems and playing with numbers.But sometimes when its like a multiplying kind of one its kind of hard.Last year was okay I got almost all of my work done.But I think I did well.

I know already that in grade 8 its just going to get harder But I'm looking forward to doing square roots.And i am looking forward to math n grade 9.

I didn't do a post last year because i never got the chance.But I was disappointed because i didn't do one and it was my on fault i got a bad mark.But this year i will try harder to do more posts and get better marks.


  1. Good JOb Krizna. I like your post, reading this post made me know more about your math learnings. I suggest that next time read your post over before posting it because I found some errors. Other than that Good job.

  2. Good job Krizna!! Your post was very neat and I really liked that you explained your opinions. Next time make sure you double check your work.

  3. Good job Krizna! Make sure to check over your work, because I found a few mistakes! But, it was great knowing more about you! Keep it up!