Friday, October 29, 2010

olivia Thomas rates ratios proportional reasoning

rates - compares two quinities measured in different units.
Eg. $1.69 per 100g for purchasing bulk food.
72 beats per minute is a heart rate.

- Compares two quantities measured in the same units.
two term ratios eg. a:b or a to b
three-term ratio eg.a:b:c or a to b to c

proportional reasoning
- A reletionship that says that two ratios or two rates are equal.
can be written in fraction form 2km/3h , 6km/9h


  1. Good Job Olivia. I liked how you used different colors to highlight the important words. Your post is very neat and easy to read. To make this post better I suggest next time try not to space things out a lot, and next time try to put pictures, videos or a link. Overall Good Job.

  2. Nice job Olivia! Good job on your examples. I like how you put a bit of color. I agree with Anna, you shouldn't space things out as much. Keep it up!

  3. Good job Olivia! I like how you added color to the most important words. I agree with Jasmin and Anna, you should try not and space you words so much, it just makes the post longer. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good job Olivia!! Your post was very neat but you should have put your video in and you didn't put any labels.

  5. Good job Olivia! I like how you changed the color of the important words. Next time don't space it out as much. Make sure to put labels! Overall good job!