Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hendrik's Sesame Street Video Post

Rate:rate is a ratio that compares two quantities of diffrent units

Ratio:a ratio is a comparason of two diffrent numbers by division

Prportion:a propotion is an equation stating that bntwo ratios are equivelant

Rate example:sequence 12,15,18,........


Propotion:6 is to n as 4 is to 16

A more or less good copy of "You Wanna Buy An 8" sorry for the sound enjoy!


  1. good job hendrik!! your post was okay you put evaery hing you need but next time you should put color and pictures, other then that good job.

  2. Good JOb Hendrick I liked how you put definitions and I also liked your video. I suggest that next time try to put images and also different colors.Anyways, Good JOb.

  3. Good job Hendrik! I liked your video. I found many many spelling mistakes, to fix that you should spell check and edit. Also, take the time to make it organized and neater. You should have also made an image. There was no orginal video from seasame street. Do these to improve.

  4. Good job!!!!! your video is very good and your post is also very good but you should have made your examples bigger and colorful also your font size could have been a bit bigger

  5. Good job. You had good video and a nice post but next time you should put pictures and check you spelling. Anyways you did a nice job.

  6. Good job Hendrik i like how you examples the rate,ratio,and Prportion. i found a spelling mistake over all you did i good job