Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Minutes Video Reflection

Two Minutes Video

2. For our first video it doesn't have the voice and we didn't narrate it. The comments said that our slides were to fast as well as the pictures so they told us that we should try to slow it down a bit. For our final video we made some changes. We decided to add our voice and narrate it so our viewers can follow along or just listen to our voice instead of reading it if the slides are too fast. The comments were really helpful and it made our video better .
Here is our final video:

We found our expert online while searching for information. We found a website called "ABS-CBN Kapamilya Helpline." We found Ms. Edna Lupa, she was responsible for collecting information on whats happening in Japan. Their organization is like news and current affairs, where they inform people from the Philippines on what to do and how to donate money for Japan. First we called her but It was too early in the Philippines so she gave us her email. She gave us helpful websites which led us to a lot of information. Three important informations we learned from our expert are :
- North and South America recieved warnings and evacuations
- Camarines Sur and Norte experienced earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6
- More than 20 countries are affected because of the nuclear incident.

Me and my group were succesfull on finding an expert.

My greatest success in our two minutes project was finding information and pictures that made our viewers want to help Japan.

This two minutes project is important to grade 8 students because as a teenager we can do a lot of things to help other people and make a difference to their life. Also, the videos that grade 8's made and the informations we gathered can convince not only grade 8 students but other people.

In the future I will make a difference by sharing what I learned when I was in grade 8 to teenagers and by spreading how to make a difference. Also, I will try to donate or get involved in other kinds of organizations, I will try my best to help other people without asking them to do something in return.

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