Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our project was on "Poverty In Winnipeg"

The changes we made to make the project better was that we made my slides slower. Katerina noticed herself that she couldn't read the slides because it was too fast. Another thing we improved was the spelling mistakes.and grammar. The student comments helped us a lot because of the things I didn't see like my spelling mistakes.

Our First Draft:

My Final Draft:

We found our expert by calling to Winnipeg Harvest.Our expert we found was Kate Reynolds. Three important facs that Kate Reynolds told us was " There are over 300 agencies across Manitoba " " Half of the children who come for emergency services are under the age 18 "and " Poverty rates in Winnipeg get higher each year. " I learned that By raising money and donating it to Winnipeg Harvest, we can halp FIVE people. I also learned that some people can't get everything they need from Winnipeg harvest My because they have to give an even amount of food/other things to everyone who goes there. I that our greatest success from the two minutes video was learning and understand what being in poverty is like. Poverty honestly doesn't feel great. One skill I will take with me next year is how much we searched for information. We ended up having to leave out a lot of our information.Which really frustrated me! When it came to posting the video we lost a couple of marks because it was late because Katerina accidentally posted it up over and over again. I do believe that this two minutes project is important to grade eight to learn more about good time to learn more about it in the future. From this project learned a lot about poverty and all the bad things that are are still going on today and the different ways we can help!Of course I cant do much now because I'm still a kid,but definetly i will do something in anyway to help.

Video made by: Katerina, Krizna,and Jennily

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